Depositing liquidity

A 2-minute guide on becoming a Lixir Vault liquidity provider

Go to and click on 'LAUNCH APP' in the top right corner.

Make sure that you connect your wallet if it doesn't auto-connect.

After connecting your wallet, click on the vault you'd like to deposit liquidity in.

Your wallet's balance will be shown if it has been connected.

Proceed to click on the textbox and enter a custom amount of click on 'max' to populate the input field of the first asset in the pair (in our case USDC).

Once the first input field (USDC) has been populated, click inside that same input field a second time to populate the second input field (USDT) with the corresponding amount.

Proceed to click on 'Approve USDC' to get your tokens approved.

After getting approval, the last step would be to make a deposit and then you're all set!

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