Submission & Approval

Everything you should know about LIP submissions and approvals

The initial governance structure starts off with optional Discord/TG discussion and is then followed by a mandatory three day Discord discussion (soon to be migrated to our own forum) in a separate channel during which the creator is stimulated to polish the proposal to maximize both its positive impact and the community’s approval. In order for an informal idea/proposal to receive its own Discord channel and to be acknowledged as a valid LIP, it will have to be

  1. submitted in the LIP template (adapted version of the EIP template), and

  2. backed by 5k LIX worth of delegated voting power, OR be approved by a core team member himself (consider this a troll/malicious intent filter as well).

There will be a public Discord channel for LIP applications, and hence any (initial) rejection by a governance manager will come with an explanation as to why it was rejected and may be be altered and resubmitted. If the community does not agree with governance manager’s judgement, the evaluation will be subject to a second, definitive opinion from another core team member.

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